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    Building unity in our community

    About us

    Based in Coundon Coventry, our Community Hub opened its doors to the public on July 1st 2020.

    Covenant and Kingdom is a social enterprise, not for profit project. 

    Taking a holistic approach, ‘Work and Wellbeing’ is at the heart of what we do.


    Work - assisting and encouraging unemployed people to get back into the workplace.

    Wellbeing - supporting people to be healthy, contented and to flourish in all aspects of life.  

    Community is not just about being together - it’s about life together.

    Image by Nani Williams

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    Work related services

    Career advice

    In the best of times, making the right career choices is important. In the worst of times it is easy to grab at any job. A safe sounding board from a career counsellor can help you choose the right journey to take and give you an objective evaluation of what the wise choices might be.

    job sourcing

    The job board you look at, the search items that you type in all make a difference when searching for your perfect job. Do I set up alerts? How do I load up my CV? Should I chase, do I refresh? It’s easy to get frustrated with a lack of positive results. Add in direct sourcing, Facebook, LinkedIn, word of mouth and you can understand why it's worthwhile talking with people who have been in the recruitment sector for literally decades.

    CV writing

    Your CV has to be user friendly for both the human reader and the robotic scanner. It has to have the right amount of key words in it to help the automated search engine and yet help the reader cut to the chase. And that’s all before you think about length and format. We have the tips, tricks and techniques to help you do that and more.

    Couple with Mobile Phone

    “Thank you to Covenant and Kingdom for all your help! After being made redundant at the start of the year, then the covid19 pandemic things were really looking grim for finding another job. What great people Warren and Jackie are, after several meetings, making my CV look more appealing, helping make my online job searches look tip top, interview process chats I am now starting my new role in a couple of weeks. Thank you both so much.”


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