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Job Applications

What’s the best thing to put on an application form, and what works?

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • Covenant & Kingdom Coventry

Service Description

With an ever-increasing number of applications per job at the moment, it’s no surprise when you don’t hear back from a number of your applications. It is not personal, it is circumstance. While we can’t give you the guarantee of success when up against 100 other applicants, we can give you a winning edge. Having supported corporations with their recruitment processes, revamped their recruitment teams and advised employers on how to recruit, we are able to think like an employer when advising you of what works. Additionally, we can provide introductions to employers, agencies, charities, and training providers that mirror and support our holistic goal of getting unemployed people in Coventry back into the workplace and back in the right mindset too.

Contact Details

024 7531 0147

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